Monday, November 12, 2012

Makeup: How to Contour & Highlight

You know when you take a photograph thinking it will turn out okay, but then you look at yourself and you instantly want to delete it. Your face looks shiny, uneven, or flat. Ever wonder why? You look perfectly fine when you look in the mirror. Well, the reason you show up different in photos is because the harsh light is making your face appear flat. The good news is, there is a solution.

By changing the way you apply your makeup you can add dimension to your face and keep from appearing flat and gross in photos. The method is called contouring and highlighting. It may take some extra time to get use to doing, but I promise once you get it down you can speed through the process in no time.

Birch Box provides a great explanation and how-to here, but I'm going to make it even easier.
So here it is! To keep with me follow the diagram below. I know it's scary looking, but I promise you will not end up looking like that.
Put on a light layer of foundation all over your entire face with a foundation brush.

Bronzer (dark lines on diagram)
Bronzer is typically a few shades darker than your natural skin tone, so it is ideal to use to contour your face.
  • Jaw Bone: Start next to your ear and lightly shade a line down to your chin. Make sure you follow your jaw bone, and don't go off making your own lines. 
  • Cheekbones: Pucker you your lips like a fish and make another like under your cheekbone. The line should start at you temple and end at the corner of your mouth, and should be parallel with your jaw bone.
  • Nose: Along the side of your nose make another line from the bridge straight down. 
 Blend Blend Blend!

Blush (pink lines on diagram)
This is the simplest step. The blush should go right above the bronzer line you just made for your cheekbones. Just stay parallel to that line.

Highlighter (white lines on diagram)
  • Top and bottom of Lips: Add just a dab of highlighter above and below the middle section of your lips.
  • Nose:  Apply highlighter to the center of your nose.
  • Brow: Add a little onto your brow bones. This should be right beneath your eyebrow. Just follow the bone to the end of your eyebrow.
  • Cheekbone: Apply a line of highlighter above your blush.
Blend Blend Blend!

And now you're photo ready.

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