Thursday, February 28, 2013

Funny moments at the 2013 Oscars

Sandra Bullock makes this face.

Kristen Stewart looks like she's doing the I have to pee dance while presenting.

Rene Zellweger struggles to stay awake and upright on stage.

Pretty much anything Jennifer Lawrence does...

Jennifer Lawrence explains her dress.

Jennifer Lawrence falls...
...Hugh Jackman & Bradley Cooper race to help her. She double won!

Talking about when she fell.

Jennifer Lawrence and Jack Nicholson find a new, kind of creepy romance.

Oscar Fashion 2013

This year's Oscars had so many great fashion moments! Naomi Watts looked flawless in the sparkly Armani Prive dress she helped design. Charlize Theron looked beautiful in her simple white peplum Dior gown. It isn't really fair though, she could look good in just about anything. I LOVED Zoe Saldana's dress pick! There were a lot of things going on with this dress, but it was fun and young, and looked fantastic. My future best friend Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning in her Dior gown. Jessica Chastain was super glamorous in her Armani Prive. I can't quite put a word to that color, maybe gold or blush? Whatever color it is, it looked great! It was so hard to pick my favorites. I kept changing around. Others on my list  included Amy Adams, Kerry Washington, and Stacy Keibler. 

Best Dressed - Top 5

Naomi Watts in Armani Prive                                     Charlize Theron in Dior                                          Zoe Saldana in Alexis Mabille
                 Jennifer Lawrence in Dior                                                  Jessica Chastain in Armani Prive

This year the jewelry stole the show at the Oscars.  My favorite thing was the backwards necklace trend. I couldn't stop talking about how much I love Jennifer Lawrence's back draping jewels.

Oscar Worthy Jewels

               Jennifer Lawrence's                                      Sandra Bullock's                                             Anne Hathaway's                                               Jennifer Garner's
                 Chopard Jewels                                      Harry Winston Hair Clip                                      Tiffany Necklace                                             Neil Lane Necklace

While I love the beauty and glamour of the Oscars, there's nothing more enjoyable than an Oscars fashion failure. Anne Hathaway was by far the most talked about fashion controversy of the night. Due to some unfortunate tailoring her Prada dress gave the appearance that her nipples were the focal point. Hathaway even had to release a statement of apology. Although the dress does give that appearance, anyone with eyes can see it is sewn that way, and Hathaway's nipples aren't actually visible. Another talked about failure was Jennifer Aniston, who typically wears black form fitting silhouettes opted for this red ball gown. She ended up vanishing in a sea of red fabric. Then you have Kristen Stewart, who looks like a tissue box. Although, maybe someone else a little happier, with better posture could've made this dress look better. Maybe Selma Hayek could've worked it. Instead, she opted to look like a sharpened eyeliner pencil wearing a tiara.

Although unfortunate choices, none of these can compare to the train wreck that was Brandi Glanville at the Oscars. The ex-actors wife, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member wore a dress from her own line,  Brand B. I don't even know where to begin on this one. My first question is, why is Brandi at the Oscars? Is she looking for Leann Rimes? If you're like me and wondering what stores would ever carry this brand, I have the answer! Brand B is "exclusively" sold at You better hurry and put your orders in before they sell out. You too can look like a naked mermaid caught by the ankles in tangled net. The only thing good about this look is from the neck up. Brandi's face and hair look beautiful, but I do wish that I could see a little less of Brandi's B's. This dress looks like it started further north, and due to malfunction has slipped too far south. If it had slipped any further, Anne Hathaway's covered nipples would have been no big deal.

Worst Dressed

             Anne Hathaway in Prada                                                      Jennifer Aniston in Valentino                                          Kristen Stewart in Reem Acra
              Selma Hayek in Alexander McQueen                            Brandi Glanville in Brand B

Monday, February 18, 2013

DIY Candlestick Apothecary Jars

I saved these candlesticks from being sent to Goodwill, and gave them new life!

Supplies: candlesticks, jars or vases, decorative rocks, glue.
My candlesticks were obviously free. I got these vases at Hobby Lobby during a 1/2 price glass sale for about $2 each. My rocks also came from Hobby Lobby. The whole bag was only about $3 and it was more than enough. The glue I used was Tacky Glue that holds really well.

Basically, all I did was glue my vases to the top of my candlesticks. After they dried I filled them with the various things I keep in my bathroom to be organized and displayed.

Below is the finished product that now resides in my bathroom corner. I filled one with rocks to keep my makeup brushes in. The second one is filled with cotton balls and Q-tips. For the last one, I filled it about half way with rocks and then put my bracelets on top. It nice to have the rocks so I don't have to reach all the way down there. The edge of the vase also doubles as great earring storage!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mardi Gras 2013

Last Saturday was the big Mardi Gras parade here in St. Louis. The event did not fail to bring out the most interesting people in the area. People decked themselves out in some pretty crazy costumes, which were not always 100% appropriate for the public eye. Some things you just can't un-see. 

I just couldn't help stopping to take a picture with this lady. She glued 
sequins on to cover her entire face. Good luck getting those off!
This girl came prepared to smile pretty for the camera.
I'm so lucky I get to call this one my best friend!
This year I made some fun hair accessories for my friends and I.
In the end I think I made a total of 15, but unfortunately I only photographed these three.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Three New Hairdos

This week I've been getting bored with my everyday hair, so I decided to try some hair tutorials I found on Pinterest. The first one I tried was a Hair Bow. The bow was actually created from my own hair. The second one I tried was a french braid up-do. That one was the trickiest, but I think it turned out okay. The third was a fun 50's style ponytail with tons of volume and bounce. 
Here is the final result from my hair experiment:

If you were wondering how I created these masterpieces, I've got you covered!
Here are the tutorials I used for my hair creations, complete with links:

     Hair Bow                          French Braid Up-Do                          50's Style Ponytail 
 Hair & Makeup by Steph                                                 The Glitter Guide                                                                      The Beauty Department

Friday, February 1, 2013

Six tips to become a Football Faker

Sunday is Super Bowl and I'm so eat some great game food!
Breaking shocking news right here: I know absolutely nothing about football. When I say nothing I mean that I know what the ball looks like, when it goes over the arch that is a field goal (I think), and guys in tight stretchy looking pants hit each other with their bodies. So what's a girl to do at a Super Bowl party when she knows nothing about football? She finds a way to fake it.

Why even try to fake it you may be wondering?
If you don't at least try to know something you will be called out on it and people will make fun of you. It might not matter to you that people find your lack of sports knowledge funny, but you will get tired of being asked countless sports questions you never know the answer too. It's like a whole new joke every time you don't know the answer. Word of caution: never take a guess! If you guess an answer that is wrong, for some reason it is ten times funnier than if you just admit defeat.
Friend: Hey Ellen do you know how many innings are even in this baseball game?
Me: I don't know like 45
Me: It feels like 45
I am still hearing about this incident and it happened not days, not weeks, not months, but YEARS ago.


1. Do your prep work
Do some research before the game. You're not going to become an expert through google search, but it's important to know who is playing and what cities they are from. That will be the first question they ask. So this is how it should go:
Friend: Hey Ellen do you even know who is playing in the Super Bowl this year?
You: Why yes I do kind friend it's the San Francisco 49s vs the Baltimore Ravens...good try though. 

2. Pick the right outfit
Find out what colors represent both teams, and don't wear either of them. If you're too lazy to look it up, black or white is always a safe call. You don't want to commit to a team too early. If you walk into a Super Bowl party wearing the color of a team, you've instantly committed. 

3. Pick a side 
When you get there scout out the room and see what team the majority is routing for. Don't speak to anyone while your observing. Just be like a fly on the wall eavesdropping on as many game related conversations as you can. If someone tries to talk to you about it buzz right past them in a non-offensive way that also doesn't make you look crazy. Once you find out which team is favored by the room, jump on that bandwagon and ride it till the game is over. 

4. Listen for the calls of your people
When you hear loud screaming from the majority, join in. This is the only way you will know if something good or bad happened.

5. Shout
When you hear your people shouting be ready to join in. Sports are more fun when everyone yells opinions at the TV. Come prepared with both positive and negative things to say, such as:
What a terrible call
Great play
Run run run!
Good interception
I can't believe that guy just did that
Some of these get tricky if you really have no idea. You can always just reword what you hear.
Friend: That has totally an interference, what is going on here?
You: What is up with this game, that way totally and interference!
I suggest keeping it simple by just making noises at the TV such as:
These are gold and always work as a fall back plan. Depending on your tone these can all be tailored and changed quickly during mistaken good or bad situations.

6. Use Distractions
If someone comes at you with a question you don't know the answer to, be prepared to avoid answering. I suggest rotating through these various methods:
- Point at the TV and yell, "Oh my god!" When they turn around to look, run away.
- Stop and say, "I'm sorry someone in the other room just called my name."
- Instead of answering just say, "Oh gotta go, the bathroom is free now."
- Sit next to a bowl of some kind of finger food. Right before they finish the question, shove a hand full in your mouth...It's impolite to talk while you're chewing.

Those are my tips, and I hope they help.
Good luck to all of you football fakers!

DIY Clip on Bows

Finished Shoes!
Jazz up your boring black shoes with some DIY bow shoe accessories

                      Supplies: Shoes, Ribbon, Scissors, Leather, Bobby Pins, & Hot Glue Gun
                      Step 1: With your ribbon make two bows into whatever size you like.
                      Step 2: Cut your leather into six strips about the length of a bobby pin.
                      Step 3: Place a dot of glue onto both ends of a strip of leather.
                      Step 4: Place the leather with glue onto your bow, leaving the space behind the knot open.
                      Step 5: Cut the wavy end of your bobby pin in half, then bend the end in half.
                      Step 6: Hook your bobby pin onto your leather.
                      Step 7: Cover both sides of the exposed bobby pin with two strips of leather for protection.
                      Enjoy your new jazzed up shoes!