Friday, February 1, 2013

DIY Clip on Bows

Finished Shoes!
Jazz up your boring black shoes with some DIY bow shoe accessories

                      Supplies: Shoes, Ribbon, Scissors, Leather, Bobby Pins, & Hot Glue Gun
                      Step 1: With your ribbon make two bows into whatever size you like.
                      Step 2: Cut your leather into six strips about the length of a bobby pin.
                      Step 3: Place a dot of glue onto both ends of a strip of leather.
                      Step 4: Place the leather with glue onto your bow, leaving the space behind the knot open.
                      Step 5: Cut the wavy end of your bobby pin in half, then bend the end in half.
                      Step 6: Hook your bobby pin onto your leather.
                      Step 7: Cover both sides of the exposed bobby pin with two strips of leather for protection.
                      Enjoy your new jazzed up shoes!

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