Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bravo Fashion Night

Tonight was fashion night on Bravo, and since I pretty much watch every show on the network, it took up my whole night. If you missed it, here's the overview of the greatness you missed out on. Don't worry too much though, Bravo is great for playing their shows on repeat.

The Rachel Zoe Project is back for a new season, and as always fashion is everything!
The season opened with Rachel's first runway show for her new collection as a designer. The show was at Lincoln Center, and it wasn't so shabby for a girl's first show. Rachel also continues her work as a stylist and attends the Michael Kors show, which was fabulous! As Rachel Zoe would say; Oh my god, it's bananas, I die! I'm excited to see the amazing fashion moments that are featured this season.

It's a Brad Brad World is back for a season 2 packed full of bow ties.
Brad has added several celebrities to his client list. The list now includes Minka Kelly, Rashida Jones, and Demi Moore (he must have stolen her from Rachel Zoe). Brad continues to bring the short shorts, bow ties, and hysterical comments. The funniest thing I've heard all week came out of Brad tonight. 

Upon arriving late to a fashion show with his partner Gary, this is what Brad has to say:
"Gary and I are gay. We learned at a young age to Turn the Beat Around. It's not just a song, it's a philosophy. Get with it."

I want to embroider this quote onto a pillow, or glaze it on a plate, I love it so much! 
I've also officially decided to buy Brads book, Born to Be Brad: My Life and Style So Far.
I'm sure it won't be the most intellectual book I'll ever read. However, summer is coming soonish, or at least I'm telling myself that. I have confidence that Brad's book will be the perfect poolside read.

The night wrapped up with the series premiere of Bravo's new show, Dukes of Melrose.
The show follows LA vintage couture boutique owners, Christos and Cameron. Their store Decades, is the hot spot for high-end fashion, rare vintage finds, and red carpet couture. With the amazing clothes and interesting dynamic between Christos and Cameron, (who are both business and life partners) the show looks promising. I will definitely be tuning in again next week!

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